What should be in my roof maintenance checklist?

The roof is sometimes overlooked as the most important asset of a house. It acts as the first line of defense against heavy rain and strong winds, and it protects homeowners by keeping them safe. Therefore it is vital that the condition of your roof is regularly maintained so that it remains strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. A roof that is well maintained also increases its lifespan and saves homeowners on money.

If you are conducting your own roof maintenance check, here are a few things that you should look out for:


There are many ways to spot issues that have occurred to your shingles. They can go missing, show cracks and signs of curling or damage etc. This can happen because of harsh sunlight, sloppy methods of nailing the shingles, or inadequate ventilation within the roof itself.

Cracks in the caulk and sealant

Caulks and sealants are fluids that are applied to the joints in structures to prevent water leakage. They also prevent air from escaping the inside of a house, which increases energy efficiency. However, sometimes cracks can be spotted in the caulk or sealant due to a number of reasons such as using the incorrect fluid or applying the fluid incorrectly.

Moss and algae

Moss and algae pose as a serious problem if you spot them growing on your roof. Both of these cause moisture that damages the roof shingles and makes them vulnerable to rotting and leakage. Moss and algae usually occur when a certain part of the roof is not exposed to sunlight and is instead under constant shade.

These are only some of the signs that go into a roof maintenance checklist. If you would like the full maintenance conducted on your roof to make sure that its condition is still good, then you should call for a roof inspection by a professional waterproofing specialist.

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