We Are Roof Doctors

Roof Doctors is a company with more than 15 years of experience, specializing in waterproofing and decoration application works. Roof Doctors consist of professional workers of which majority of the workers have been with the company since its establishment, therefore they are mature, sincere and experienced to carry out all major and main projects. Throughout the growth of the company, we define waterproofing as an art or science of keeping water out or keeping it in.

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Ceiling Leakages 4.jpg

Ceiling Leakages can be quite a hassle for many of us. We all have homes and we all try to keep t...

Concrete Repair 1-2-after.jpg

Cracks and divisions in the floorings and also on walls is a common spectacle. It should not be...

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Are you facing some terrible cracks in the foundations of your home or premises? This can be a ...

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